Our Story

The LOT Project was founded in 2009 by a few guys, who were crazy about Jesus. Matt Beasley and Jason Ashley were the founders of The LOT Project; they both started by driving homeless and at-risk kids to church. Matt met Andy Gibson, our current president, when they both worked with an organization that drove teenagers across the United States doing missions work and felt he’d be a great addition to The LOT Project staff with his background in business.

Andy began filing for the 501(c) 3 status before he moved from Wabash, Indiana in August 2009. August 2009 is when the organization began giving away food and clothes. At first, The LOT Project was just open on Tuesday nights, and then once the guys realized the need was greater than just one night a week, they decided to open Thursday nights.

For the last five years, churches, Sunday schools, home-groups, and individuals from across the Upstate have continued to provide meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, which have nourished the hearts and stomachs of the Least of These in Anderson, South Carolina.